Let your voice be heard, and amass support to make a difference. 

SCPNA manages four channels to enhance your voice with neighbors.  Let your thoughts be heard on one or all.



The most popular social network, find us as facebook.com/southsidechattanoogaLike us to get news and updates.

NextDoor App

Join the Southside and other Chattanooga neighborhoods on conversation around town.  Hear about events, services, alerts and other notices to stay connected with your greater community.


Join our Google Group : sscowart-neighbors.  Our neighbors wanted a way to communicate with each other via email without sacrificing the privacy of their email addresses: neighbors@sscowart.com is the solution.  Anyone (in the world) can send emails to our neighbors through this email address address, but senders will not know your email address.  If you want to leave the group later, there are instructions to do so at the bottom of every mail.  This list is lightly moderated by the Board.


Join our Google Group : sscowart-members.  Members of this group only receive emails sent by the neighborhood Board for official correspondence.  If you don't want the extra messages from neighbors@, but still want to stay informed in sscowart events and happenings, then members@ is the forum to join.  All dues paying members are added to this list automatically after signup.  If you want to leave the group later, there are instructions to do so at the bottom of every mail.

Let your voice be heard within the city.  Here's a list of Important contacts and agencies.


City Council

Erskine Oglesby Jr., City Council, District 7

Ph: (423) 643-7180
Em: eoglesbyjr@chattanooga.gov

Oglesby currently serves as chair of the Council's Economic and Community Development Committee. District 7 consists of the following precincts: Alton Park 1 & 2, Downtown 1 & 2, East Lake, St. Elmo 1.




Captain Jerri Sutton, Police, Adam Zone

Em: jsutton@chattanooga.gov

Adam South (formerly Charlie Zone) consists of South Chattanooga, St. Elmo, Alton Park, Tiftonia and Lookout Valley.





Chattanooga Planning Commission

Ph: (423) 643-5902
Em: regionalpc@chattanooga.gov

Public meetings held on at 1:00pm on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Chattanooga Courthouse. An updated calendar of minutes and upcoming applications can be found here



Blythe Bailey, Chattanooga Transportation Director

Em: bbailey@chattanooga.gov

Bailey holds a position appointed by the City mayor.  Office hours are held week days from 8:00am to 4:30pm at the Development Resource Center.  Residents can also file requests for review via the neighborhood traffic management program.