Southside Cowart Place
Neighborhood Association

in beautiful downtown Chattanooga, TN


To unite our efforts, to obtain and maintain a safe, clean, caring neighborhood in which all people can safely live and work in harmony.


Our Members

Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Association (SCPNA) includes the homes and businesses within 12th Street and 21st Street (north to south), Carter St. and Market St. (west to east), and the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo. The neighborhood association is comprised of home owners, residents, renters, and businesses.

Members pay an annual fee of $25 each calendar year.  While this small fee reduces the association's cost of small initiatives, our real capital is human. As an involved, informed, and organized group of neighbors we continue to make Cowart Place, Southside, and Chattanooga great.

Want to join?  Simply pay your dues, or send us a mail for more information.

Our Meetings & Procedures

In order to strengthen our association and execute effectively within our complex and growing community, SCPNA holds focused semi-annual meetings and facilitates strong networks of communication online.  SCPNA holds neighborhood meetings in January and July, with social neighborhood gatherings in April and October.

Single-Issue Meetings

In January and July SCPNA meetings are “single issue" focus, introducing a relevant issue of our neighborhood, such as: Traffic/Parking.  We invite community leaders and city officials to present short overviews on their work and programs related to the theme. After a Question & Answer period, neighbors voice concerns and we identify future initiatives and milestones to track with our community leaders.  During the six months following, neighborhood volunteers track progress of these initiatives and communicate back to the association.

Facilitate Communication

Changes and news happen more quickly than our meetings, so we leverage technology to make communicating with one another more effective.  SCPNA enhances online tools that facilitate community input and provide a forum for ease of sharing and discussion.  These tools are specified on our /connect page, include calendars and online repositories for document sharing.

Have an idea? Reach out to the

Our Board

Deviating from a traditional (vertical) structure, the SCPAN Board is arranged into an area (matrix) structure. Board members, elected for a calendar year, maintain traditional titles such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, however board members are assigned specific Administrative and Functional areas of focus, representing various facets of our neighborhood.

James Holland  Collaborations    board

James Holland


Bobby Ankar  Finance

Bobby Ankar


Roger Rupp  Initiatives

Roger Rupp


Ilana Habib  Communications

Ilana Habib



Let's work together

SCPNA is always looking for ways to engage with other Chattanooga neighborhood associations, local organizations and businesses.  If you would like to know more about our group, would like to participate in our meetings, or have another reason to reach out - do not hesitate.  We are so proud to live in our vibrant and rapidly developing Chattanooga.